I have configured ppp to bring up my ADSL connection (PPPoA) on Qwest MSN.  It 
works great!  However, for personal reasons which I won't mention here, I would 
like ppp to write the dynamic IP address that was assigned to me to a file 
called test.txt.  As you can see by the config below, this *should* work via the 
shell command in ppp.conf, which executes ipaddr.sh and sends MYADDR to the 
script.  However, when the script executes, it writes to the file 
instead of the IP assigned.

How do I get it to write the address assigned?

Here is my entry in ppp.conf

 set authname xxxxxxxx
 set authkey xxxxxx
 set device !"/usr/local/sbin/pppoa2 -vpi 0 -vci 32"
 accept chap pap
 set speed sync
 set timeout 0
 enable lqr
 set lqrperiod 5
 set redial 15 10000
 set dial ""
 set ifaddr
 add default HISADDR
 shell /etc/ppp/ipaddr.sh MYADDR

Here is the shell script:


echo ${MYADDR} > /etc/ppp/test.txt

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