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> My question(s)
> a) is this overkill ( is there an EASIER way to do what I want ( port
> redirecting ) ( bearing in mind that although the lights are on in the
> attic they are at times low wattage :-)  )
> b ) WHAT do I need to change on my BSD box ( rc.conf  etc ) to make it
> work the way described ? Remembering that this is only temporary .
> Thanks in advance for any advice
> Regards
> Benny


As great as FreeBSD is, you'd probably get as much done with a lot less 
headache if you used a broadband gateway/router.  My Linksys BEFW11S4 has 
done everything I need it to thus far.  This particular devil has built-in 
802.11b wireless access, built-in DHCP server, port-forwarding, if you 
purchase ZoneAlarm, you can input the purchase code and it will even act as a 
firewall!  The only things it will NOT do include connecting to a dial-up 
internet provider and it can't act as a proxy server, but you shouldn't need 
that with broadband, anyways.  

What's great about the portforwarding is that it's not like the older ones, 
where you just told it what computer was the DMZ and EVERYTHING incoming got 
forwarded.  Now, you can tell it that port 22 is ssh and your ssh server is 
on the internal computer and the web server is operating on port 
80 on, etc, etc.

I hope this helps. (In other words, there is an easier way to do this...)

Eric F Crist
AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
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