I run my FBSD Box as a gateway for my internal network on ipf and ipnat. (
with rdr rules set as port forwarding )
After changing my NICs to Compaq NC3134, dual ports Intel 82559 Server NIC,
I found that the NICs sometimes fell into promiscuous mode when I log into
the console.

The system sometimes shows up
fxp0 promiscuous mode enabled
fxp0 promiscuous mode disabled
fxp1 promiscuous mode enabled
fxp1 promiscuous mode disabled
in this way in between.

I have a win2000 box in the internal network running edonkey with a lot of
connection. The compaq server Nic is supposed to be very stable. I wonder if
it was caused by too many concurrent connection on the Win2000 box causing
this problem.

My FBSD Box runs on FreeBSD 5.1 Release. I don't know if it is the driver

Does it have any side effect that the system keeps showing the messages ?


Michael Lee

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