I am using Exim as a local mail agent on 5.1-RELEASE-p10. Suddenly, I
can no longer set the sticky bit on /var/mail...not even as root. The
error is "operation not permitted" when I run 'chmod 1777 mail'...this
error doesn't occur on 4.9-RC.

What could cause this type of behavior, the sudden inability to set
that sticky bit? Further, if anyone has a pointer (beyond the manual)
to information regarding this, I would be grateful for the pointer.

I just finished a cvsup this weekend; but I am not sure when this
became a problem because the machine is a testbed for 5.x and is often
turned off for extended periods.

Anyway, if anyone has a clue for me, I would appreciate it. I am
guessing (utterly in the dark) that the culprit may be a chflags

Thanks in advance for any replies...

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