On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 08:51:48AM +0200, Fritz Heinrichmeyer wrote:
> Hello,
> why is, regardless of freebsd version in /usr/local/share/nls/C the
> following symbolic link to itself
> C -> C
> , why not .keep_me or something?
> It somtimes lets find operations fail (too much redirections). After
> deletion it reappears mysteriously.

That would appear to be a bug: the layout should be equivalent to

Hmmm... This has already been reported.  See

Until the fix gets committed, the self referring link will be
recreated any time you install or update a port under /usr/local that
causes mtree(8) to be run.  Interestingly the same problem does not
occur in /usr/X11R6/share/nls/C



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