I'm still trying to muddle through the loads of different ways to keep
FreeBSD 'current' -- meaning, safely patched, aka RELENG_5_1 (for me)

As I conceptualize the operations there are two levels of 'patching',
1) the kernel and base system 
2) then all the ports that I may have installed

I've read the cvsup docs and can see how to update both the kernel
source and ports.  But the problem I see is the ports.  After the
ports collection has cvsupdated, I would still need to do a make
install for each port I have previous installed, correct?  (or, more
appropriately, make deinstall, the cvsup the ports, then make install)
Is this making things more difficult?  Seems there really should be a
cleaner way to keep things updated.

I've heard reference to a portupgrade package, but can't find any
details on how and what it really does-- and how well it plays with

The other rotten thing here is that cvsupdate requires modula-3 -- and
portupgrade requires ruby...  It would really be nice if all this were
done in the most perfect language, python;-)

looking for some advice.. thx.
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