I have procmail, and postfix installed in my freebsd box.  Postfix
works great and by default seems to respect .forward files.  (at least
I can't recall making any changes to it)

Now, I want to run procmail from .forward and grabbed the forward file
for usr/local/examples/procmail.

I don't understand a thing it does.. but I put it in my home directory
anyway and called it .forward.

It appears the procmail is no 'firing' when message come.  Looking for
any pointers?  been through to procmail faq sites and thought there
might be a recommendation here.

contents of .forward
"|IFS=' ' && p=/usr/local/bin/procmail && test -f $p && exec $p -Yf-
|| exit 75 #Metropolis"

'Metropolis' is the name of the account.  Any pointers? 
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