reiser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I trying to install version 5.1 on my machine, wich is MSI mother of
> 2002, GeForce-4, AMD AthlonXP,
> HDD IBM Deskstar-60Gb, RAM 256 DDR, CDROM Samsung, CDRW Yamaha F1
> and after when system starts to copying files on a hard drive,-every
> time the same  trouble,
>  in 70% system says: "kernel panic: the buffer is allready inserted"
> giving up after ..........
> you can reboot your system......
> I tried install the system from CDROM, Network, floppy-the same result.
> I tried to install that on different hard drive,-but did not succeed:
> the same message appear after 70% of files have been copying on the HD.
> Will appriciate any help, thx an advance,-Dmitry

Did you try the same thing with a production release, like 4.8?
If you need 5.x for some reason, you may need to get help from the
freebsd-current mailing list.
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