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hello all at FreeBSD,

 i'm currently downloading
release 5.0, disc1.iso (i-386)
despite what i was told about
it not having javascript compatiblity
as i'm not that bothered about javascript (and i don't know for sure
that it doesn't support it).

That's Java, which is entirely different than javascript. You can install Java as a port in 5.x, but not as a package. In FreeBSD 4.x, you can install Java from either a port or a package. If you don't know the difference between ports and packages, don't worry about it.

 Anyway, i hope i can get it to work.
I chose the i-386 dist because i thought
that's the one i need but i'm not entirely
sure....... what does i-386 mmean

i386 means PC CPU architecture, as distinct from PowerPC (Mac), Sparc (Sun), Alpha (DEC), or others. (IOW, Intel x86 or compatible, such as AMD or Cyrix.)

It's recommended for various good reasons that folks new to the OS start with 4.x rather than 5.x.

There is excellent documentation available at the FreeBSD web site (particularly the online Handbook) and elsewhere, which is very helpful to read prior to installation.

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