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Apologies for being so vague... All that happens on the 4.8(4.9RC) servers is they suddenly reboot without leaving anything in the log files at all, so it is very difficult to provide more details on the crash.

In the case of the 4.9 systems, are you VERY up-to-date? There were a few changes recently made which did cause problems for some users, but it should be true that all of those are now fixed. You'd pretty much want to be running *today's* sources to get all those. I think it should be telling you that the system name is 4.9-RC2 if it has (what we think are) all the fixes. (I might be wrong on that, I haven't actually rebuilt my 4.x machine yet this week).

On the 5.0 servers, I get page faults. I am going to
enable crash dumps on these servers now.

I'm having some odd problems with 5.x-current right now, but I haven't been able to figure out what it is yet. In my case, it *might* still be a hardware problem, though it seems odd that I have zero trouble with 4.9 on the same hardware (and my problems with 5.x didn't start until this September).

For me, the problem with the 5.x is that the machine completely
locks up, which makes it a real hassle.

It is also true that a week (or two?) ago there were changes to
5.x which caused problems for many people.  Again, make sure
you're up-to-the-minute with what you're running.

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