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> I've got a 120GB drive in that system, so for me I don't really have a
> problem with space.

Yeah, same here, but the way I figure it is it's surely better to
conserve the disk space if at all possible ;)

> jails, for example:
> /secure/files/mail <- mail spools
> would be shared using: (/etc/crontab entries)
> none /secure/files/mail
> /secure/internal/smtp/postfix/server/var/spool/mail
> rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0 none /secure/files/mail
> /secure/internal/imap/courier/server/var/spool/mail
> rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0
> haven't really got these up and running yet (ie. I don't really know
> if postfix + courier both work inside a jail).

I can confirm they both do ;)  I assume you mean Courier-IMAP and not
the Courier MTA.  It sucks.  Postfix or Exim are much better ;)

> Anyway, nullfs is great for "remounting"
> parts of the file system.

Yeah, right now I'm using NFS mounts, which is a bit ugly, to say the
least.  Since I had troubles with union I steered clear of nullfs, since
the same ``slippery dog'' warning exists ;)

  Thanks very much for sharing your ideas, eventually somebody will
write a jail HOWTO that covers all of the different methods of achieving
these things... I hope ;)


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