> 5.1-RELEASE, latest patches.  I think this might be the problem.  I'm
> having vinum issues too.

'K, haven't started to play with 5.1 yet, since its still label'd as "not
production quality" ... or at least it was when I asked before installing
my last server a month or so ago ...

> > permissions: do you have a way I can "test this"?
> If I use unionfs as the ``base'' for the jail then every directory seems
> to be automagically owned by the person that mounted it (i.e. root).
> This causes me problems for stuff like mailspool, etc.  I think this is
> the way unionfs works though, not an issue I am personally having.

Ah, neat ... I'd never noticed that before ... its never affected anything
as far as I've experienced though, but we don't unionfs mount /var, as
there is a bug in unionfs dealing with sockets that mounting /var causing
the server to crash repeatedly ...
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