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1) I can't get /usr/local/etc/rc.d/*sh to work.

I don't have any ideas to offer on this.

2) Building kernels/worlds is MUCH slower than under 4.X. A kernel
   used to take around an hour; it's taking about 4 under 5.1
   (Cyrix 166mhz/64Mb RAM). Is there still a lot of debugging
   code in 5.1 which could slow things down?

a) I assume you've read /usr/src/UPDATING in your 5.x system, which explains some settings that you can look at if you are wondering about performance.

b) the 5.x-series uses gcc 3.3.x for its compiler, while
   freebsd-4.x has stayed with gcc 2.94.  gcc 3.3.x is
   definitely much slower at *compiling* code.  If your
   only performance measurement is buildworld and buildkernel,
   then this difference in compile times is the reason
   for most of the slowdown that you're seeing.

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