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> Greetings
> I recently installed FreeBSD 4.5 with desk top KDE using a CD that came
> the book, FreeBSD Unleashed, by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann.
> seemed to go fine until I execute startx.  The desktop environment on my
> screen "seems" to be at least four times as big as it should be,
> only the top left portion of the desktop.
> The strange part of this problem is that the install program displays all
> the display option screens in the correct size and font.
> Any advice to get me going will be appreciated.

I suspect that your desktop resolution is set to something high like 1280 x
1040 but your viewport is set to 640 x 480.  Refer to your XF86Config file
and the man page (man XF86Config).  Pay attention to the 'Virtual' and
'ViewPort' settings.

Good Luck,

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