"Dragoncrest" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Went googling on this and haven't come up with anything yet.  So since
> I've already done all my outside research first (as suggested by several
> members.  hehe) so I'm coming to you as a last resort to gather some
> information on my question.
> What I'm wanting to do is to mount an FTP site to a folder on my file
> system.  That way when I go to, oh say /mysite on my file system, it
> would automatically log me into "ftp.mysite.org/Pub/" for example and
> display the remote site as though it were on my local system.  I could
> then open, copy, move, edit, etc any files I wanted to as though they
> were local.  Any way I can do this?

There's something called "ftp2nfsd" out there somewhere which might do
this, but I don't know anything about it.  Because filesystems are so
tightly bound to the kernel, though, I prefer not to have any that are
dependent on long network traversals; the ange-ftp (or efs) support in
emacs is a superior alternative for my own work habits.
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