On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 05:20:11PM +1000, nevle wrote:
> I made the changes you suggested and seemed to be connected (full modem 
> lights) but couldn't log-on to any site(using Lynx),tried to "ping -c 
>" ,and got "invalid count of packets to transmit..."

> ##ppp.conf
etc ...
>  add default HISADDR                  # Add a (sticky) default route

I noticed in your original post you included the following details:

>> my ppp.linkup file says
>> delete ALL
>> add 0 0 HISADDR

Try commenting out those last two lines in ppp.linkup.  You should only 
need 'add default HISADDR' in ppp.conf or ppp.linkup, not both.

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