There is a page on the freebsd website describing work on a PowerPC version, but it says they are almost ready to boot into Single user mood.. another words.. not done. It mentions that some of the code is in current, but doesn't really explain how you'd load it onto a mac, etc.

Darwin has packages, but not a ports system from what i've read. You might as well use Mac OS X if you are going to use darwin since there is fink, and you get Java in OSX.

I ran NetBSD on a sparc for some time. Its nice. I'm sure the PowerPC version is good as well.

If I were you, I'd just pre-order Mac OS 10.3 and run that. You can't beat commercial apps and open source! At least X86 BSD users can usually run Linux software including games like Quake, etc.

On Friday, October 10, 2003, at 11:16 AM, Brian McCann wrote:

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        This may be a bit off topic, but does anyone know of a "real",
current version of FreeBSD that will run on a G3 Mac?  I've looked at
both Net & OpenBSD, but I'd rather stick with one OS for all my PCs.
I know, that Darwin is basically the same thing as FreeBSD and that
very little has changed...but one of the main reason I love FreeBSD
is because of the ports collection.  Has anyone tried downloading the
ports collection on a Darwin system and tried building anything?

- --Brian

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