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>While there is a Ports system for Darwin/OS X, called GNUDarwin, avoid 
>it, as it is notorious for breaking the basic OS install without asking.

or you can use the DarwinPorts collection, which has Apple support behind it (longtime 
FreeBSD users will recognize Jordan Hubbard is: he's on the DarwinPorts team). 

>Fink is a better alternative, it's pretty much a port of the Debian 
>package management system, with somewhat improved source handling. As it 
>dumps all downloaded software in /sw, it doesn't break the base install. 
>Very nifty. Works very well.

I used Fink for quite a while but it seemed to lose focus on reliability. I moved to 
darwinports (which offers source code ports and packages) and it seems to work just 

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