On Sat, 11 Oct 2003 10:34:16 +1000 (EST), Andri Kok wrote:

> I got one really silly question (I'm a newbie). I have a xircom pcmcia
> realport ethernet card (RBEM56G-100) and a dell csx laptop. The
> problem is that when i try to install freebsd-4.8RELEASE, I do not
> know which network type to choose (the part when you configure a
> custom kernel using a full screen visual mode, you have to choose a
> network device don't you?e.g Novell 200, IBM etherjet, etc) I guess
> that is all. Thx a lot fellas

No, those are old isa-cards I believe. You probably don't need any of
those drivers.

You should just go on, maybe disable some of the scsi controllers.
Further along it will say it found pccard slots and ask if you want to
use them as installation media. If you want to do a network install
answer yes here and follow the instructions, otherwise just answer no
and enable the pccard daemon later when the system is all up and
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