My name is ROUAN, i am 20.  I am from South Africa.
About 7 months ago my friend introduced me to FreeBSD.  Needless to say I was really 
impressed with your OS.  I would firstly like to congratulate the entire FreeBSD team 
for their outstanding work on what is surely the best OS I have seen thus far.
As I started to play with FreeBSD, I got more and more curious about how it works.  I 
have downloaded the Handbook & developers handbook.
I am starting my own FreeBSD documentation project.  The name of the new book I am 
writing is "FreeBSD Internals".  It will be distributed in PDF format.
On completion of each chapter I will mail it to you (or any e-mail address that you 
supply).  I need very indepth information on how the internals of FreeBSD works.  
Information that is non-existent.  I was wondering if you could help me in my quest 
for knowledge about FreeBSD.  In exchange for the knowledge, I will publish the e-book 
for free.
The e-book will be totally free of charge because I want to give something back to the 
FreeBSD community.  Also I believe that knowledge should be free.  That is 1 of the 
most attractive features of FreeBSD.  It is free.
Thanx ...

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