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> > of ports-all. If you use portupgrade and its tools, you also have
> > to rebuild INDEX.db.
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> > Kent
> Thanks for prompt solution Kent,
> I had not built a machine over the summer so did not realize the
> changes, to rebuild the INDEX is it merely a 'make index' in
> /usr/ports ?

Yes, that does it. If you are redoing some of this, seriously consider 
portupgrade. It makes updating ports much easier. It doesn't change 
building and initially installing a port but the port system is 
continuously changing thing.

You have to run  "portsdb -u" to create the INDEX.db, which is used by 
the portupgrade tools. Some people use "portsdb -uU" to generate both 
but I still use "make index". FWIW, the current INDEX is 8-days old and 
INDEX-5 is over 7-weeks old. Bind9 was moved to ../dns five weeks ago. 
So, the change would be in one of the INDEXs and not the other. 

Once you start rebuilding the INDEX files, consider adding ports/
INDEX[-5] to your ports-all refuse file. It doesn't make sense to 
redownload them everytime you cvsup and then rebuild them.

Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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