Alex de Kruijff writes:

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 01:29:40PM +0200, Patrick O'Reilly wrote:
The strange part is that on some of the servers the script works just
fine, and on others it runs, and emails me what looks like a job well
done, but the distfile has NOT been fetched.  When I then go to do the
actual upgrade, the distfile must first be fetched by portupgrade before
it proceeds to build.

There could be any number of problems that may be the cause of this. I
realy can't see that from here. What you need to do is to do a check on
every machine that doesn't work. I find it best to go from where the
process begins and go all the way down to portupgrade. Try to find where
it goes wrong. It could be that the crontab is wrong or that portupgrade
isn't installed.


thanks for your response.

I've tried what you say before I sent the email. What confuses me is that the script runs fine if I log in and run it at the CLI. And it definitely runs from cron, because I get the email I am expecting, which is the output that would normally go to the terminal.

So, the crontab is evidently active, and portupgrade is correctly installed and configured.

But the actual fetch of the file simply does not happen if it is run from cron... Yet, on other servers it all works fine...


Still confused.
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