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> Hi there + happy turkey day,

Thanksgiving is in November :)
> First question ... any drawbacks to doing that upgrade? I'm pretty
> sure that I upgraded this machine from 4.5 to 4.6-2 at some point
> ealier this year and it wasn't as difficult as I had expected.

No, it should be pretty painless.  Just make sure to read
/usr/src/UPDATING and see if anything important changed from 4.6 to
> Second question, if I do want to upgrade (painlessly) to 4.8, which
> of the following should I be CVSup-ing? RELENG_4_8 or
> RELENG_4_8_0_RELEASE? I'm not a total newbie, but I'm not too heavily
> into this "keeping up with FreeBSD" thing, beyond the necessities.

RELENG_4_8_0_RELEASE tags what was burned onto the 4.8 CDs being sold
and offered for FTP download, and will never change.

RELENG_4_8 is a brach tag, and will include all security patches
applicable to 4.8, so you probably want to use that.

        Dan Nelson
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