> Here are the docs i used when using ADSL w/ PPPoE  and NAT w/ IPFW
> there are 2 writeups here ...first is PPPoE (im assuming you already know
> how to compile your kerel ?) 2nd is  Duel Home host ...and how to setup
> NAT.

Hi Brent,

About the only differences I see in your config vs. mine is that you've
compiled NETGRAPH support directly into
the kernel (but it's my understanding that this was no longer explicitly
needed), and you manually configure the
ed1 interface in rc.conf.  I also notice that you specify NOT to use ARP
(-arp) when you config the interface,
which I don't specify (and the default is to use ARP).

I'll try making the kernel change and the interface config change and see if
makes a difference.

The second doc is basically exactly what I used to do when I used plain-old
Ethernet.  However, as the doc
states, "If the outside interface is ... a PPP-over-Ethernet (PPPoE) DSL
connection, use ppp(8)'s NAT facility
instead", which is what I'm trying to do ;-)

NAT over plain-old Ethernet works just fine for me.

Thanks again,



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