On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 10:03, Martos wrote:
> Hello, All!
> I have  this network adapter:
> 3Com 3C460B (with usb interface).
> How can I configure it to work under FreeBSD 4.8. Please help. (now it 
> don't want to work).
> Best regards,
> Vlad Skuba

Hi Vlad,

First, have you read all of the applicable documentation on FreeBSD.org
and related man pages? Have you searched Google, mailing lists,
newsgroups, and the FreeBSD problem report database?

Second, you need to tell us a little bit more. The huge number of
possible problems means that even the best and brightest FreeBSD gurus
won't be able to help you out with "it don't want to work." The
following link points to an excellent article on how to ask the right
questions on this list, and likely many others:


Give us something more to work with and we'll be glad to help you.

Charles Ulrich

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