I just installed Sendmail::Milter, which I believe uses the ithreads model
for Perl. I created my own Milter (Perl-threaded 5.8.0), and everything runs
fine... Except that now, when the Milter is running, tinyproxy 1.5.0 goes
haywire, filling up its log like crazy with this message:

"Accept returned an error (Resource temporarily unavailable) ... retrying."

The only thing tinyproxy and the Milter have in common, is that they both
use threads.

Is there perhaps something that prevents both programs from using threads?
Perhaps the threads-enabled version of the daemonized perl Milter keeps a
shared library locked? So, now I can run either one or the other, but not
both. I use this on FreeBSD 4.7R.

Thank you!

- Mark

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