I'm trying to set up the internet on freebsd 4.8,
the mini distribution.  When I dial in to my isp using
the "ppp" program, i log on and then switch terminals
to run some tcp application, all i get are the
application messages saying they can't resolve ip
addresses.  For instance, when i try to run:

  ftp ftp.freebsd.org
i get a message saying can't resolve name. or:
  pkg_add -r XFree86
gives me "Host not found"

Do I need to install a name server client?  Or do I
need to install and run some deamon to take requests
and querry some remote name server.  I've set up ppp
through sysinstall and provided it with my isp
"quadrant.net" and the dns number they gave me.  This
number appears in resolve.conf as nameserver
207.###.###.###  - i forget the rest.  I've set my
domain as "net".  Over the summer on a different
machine, i had the same trouble with a different isp
but flukked out and the trouble went a way after i
reinstalled it and was able to use the internet.  Is
there any programs I can use to test the name server
and verify that I'm getting through to it?  I like bsd
and want to get the internet going on it.  What all
files need to be edited when I set up ppp.  When using
ppp i type "set device dev/cuaa1"  "set speed 115200"
"enable dns" "term" "at" ...  If i have to turn on
some client program from my end, is there some way to
explicitly turn it on rather then launching it at boot
time and if so how?  Any help would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks


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