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Subject: Re: Do threads conflict?

> In the last episode (Oct 13), Mark said:
> > I just installed Sendmail::Milter, which I believe uses the ithreads
> > model for Perl. I created my own Milter (Perl-threaded 5.8.0), and
> > everything runs fine... Except that now, when the Milter is running,
> > tinyproxy 1.5.0 goes haywire, filling up its log like crazy with this
> > message:
> >
> > "Accept returned an error (Resource temporarily unavailable)...
> > retrying."
> >
> > The only thing tinyproxy and the Milter have in common, is that they
> > both use threads.
> >
> > Is there perhaps something that prevents both programs from using
> > threads? Perhaps the threads-enabled version of the daemonized perl
> > Milter keeps a shared library locked? So, now I can run either one or
> > the other, but not both. I use this on FreeBSD 4.7R.
> They shouldn't conflict. That sounds like a libc_r bug; I think the
> wrapper for accept() should retry the accept() call for the user.
> You might want to try updating to 4.8; there were a couple of important
> commits to libc_r that fixed bugs that usually affected threaded daemons:

Thanks for the answer, Dan.

Upgrading to 4.8 is not directly possible on this production server. But can
I not just recompile the kernel with a patch?

> 2002-10-22 09:44 fjoe don't allow the uthread kernel pipe to use the same
> descriptors as stdio

This may be the one affecting me. After your hinting me to the problem, I
did some further googling; but it sounds as if 5.1 still suffers from the
same malady; for instance:



- Mark

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