Hi Kirk,

Thank you for your reply but I think that you probably misunderstand me.
So far as I know, FFS with softupdates support acts quite similar to async.
file system. However, hardware based RAID controller card is usually
equipped with some cache RAM. In some aspects, RAID controller card acts
somewhat like async. file ssytem. I wonder if RAID controller waits for a
certain time before it does command "write" to disk and then this "write"
command then was queued by softupdates....
Will it be faster if I use softupdates with hardware RAID system ?


Michael Lee

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> I have 4 SCSI hdds connect to this controller card. I wonder if I should
> disable the softupdates feature for the FFS to make the system runs
> faster.

Out of curiosity, what part of the system do you think would be faster
without softupdates?
Kirk Strauser

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