In the last episode (Oct 14), Stephane Raimbault said:
> I am curious as to what people using FreeBSD use for a Backup
> Solution.  Are there any Comercial software available for Tape Backup
> Solutions that run well on FreeBSD?
> I'm looking at using a Dell PowerVault 110T LTO tape drive and was
> looking for software to utilize to backup the 10 servers and growing
> in my server farm.

We're using Veritas Netbackup, but they only have client support for

Take a look at Tapeware; depending on their definition of "Client", you
can back up 10 machines for between $700 and $3000 (including 1 yr. of
maintenance and support).  They also have a 30-day trial download, so
you can try it out.

        Dan Nelson
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