On Tuesday 14 October 2003 05.46, Robert Froese wrote:
> I'm confused.  I didn't get any response to my last post, in which I asked
> for 
 information about getting fish working in Konqueror.  Does nobody
> else use Konqueror as an sftp or fish GUI interface?  Or, have I done
> something uniquely stupid to break it on my 5.1-R box?

You wil linvariably get better results posting to the KDE FreeBSD list 

> Neither are working for me: sftp not at all and fish not if I try to
> connect 
 to a FreeBSD box.  Funny, but fish works if I try to connect a
> linux box. I've searched the list archives, the KDE bug database, and the
> FreeBSD bug database with no luck.  Perhaps there's a great alternative to
> sftp or fish in Konqueror that I'm not aware of?  Any advice would be
> greatly appreciated! 
> Cheers,

Off the top of my head, fish on FreeBSD is currently not working with password 
connections if it's already tried (and failed) a key exchange.  If this is 
your situation, try either using keys, or switching the authentication 
challenge order in the server's sshd configuration.

Other things that trip people up: For fish to work right, both machines must 
be able to reach each other by hostname, and if you have installed the 
openssh port, make sure the right sshd configuration is being picked up - the 
one from the port, not the original base one, a couple of people have hit 
problems when the configs were different, and their edits were not having any 
effect, and this was why.

Lauri Watts
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