On Tuesday 14 October 2003 01:48 pm, Walt Haynes wrote:
>     I am currently running Windows XP Professional on a HP Pavilion
> with a 27.95GB hard drive which I've partitioned with FDISK. Windows
> is in the primary DOS partition (about 7GB)  on disk drive C and the
> extended DOS partition had three logical drives (D, E, and F) defined
> in it; they are 7.3GB, 7.3GB, and 6.3GB respectively. I want to
> create my FreeBSD environment in the first logical drive (D). I know
> the starting and ending sector numbers so that I won't overwrite any
> data already on the drive. Does this sound reasonable ? And will I be
> able to install FreeBSD's boot manager to give me a choice of which
> OS I want to come up ? I'd really like to do this right the first
> time.

The second you said "logical D" it won't work. FreeBSD needs a primary 
partition to work. You can have 4 primary partitions on an XP machine. 
You didn't have to use logicals.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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