Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> can you tell me what a FreeBsd is and what i can do whit it?
> ral

Looks like you have a lot of reading to do.
Go to the FreeBSD web page and start reading.

Click on the links and follow their trails for complete information.
Start with the link "For Newbies" under Documentation, but don't
stop there.

In general, FreeBSD is an Operating System (OS) for computers. 

It is BSD because it has its roots in the
_B_erkeley _S_oftware _D_istribution
group at University Of California at Berkeley.

It is Free because it is available to download, install, use,
modify and redistribute freely merely by downloading the ISO-s from
the FreeBSD site. You can also buy a CD set from a couple of 
companies who package the system and ports and burn them on CDs
for you for a nominal cost.

The rest is up to you to learn by studying and trying it out.

Have fun,

thank you very much for your reply,i really do appreciate it

i had better start then



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