In the last episode (Oct 14), Edward Aronyk said:
> I'm somewhat new to FreeBSD, so today when we had to deploy a new
> server to the colo running FreeBSD, I ran into problems.
> Basically the server has been in the office running for the last few
> weeks with a DHCP provided IP - but now that it's getting a static IP
> I'm not totally sure what to do. I have all of our in information:
> Server IP: x.y.z.48
> Subnet:
> Gateway: x.y.z.33
> DNS: a.b.c.24
>      a.b.c.160
> But I'm not sure exactly what needs to change to make this all work
> properly? Specifically, I can't find where to put the gateway
> information. I know that on OpenBSD it was placed in /etc/mygate but
> the same doesn't seem to be true in FreeBSD? Also, what should my
> resolv.conf file look like?

Gateway goes in /etc/rc.conf: defaultrouter="x.y.z.33"  In fact, pretty
much everything goes in rc.conf unless it's got a well-known config
file of its own.

resolv.conf would look like:

nameserver      a.b.c.24
nameserver      a.b.c.160

        Dan Nelson
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