On 2003-10-15 00:20, Mike Maltese wrote:

Second, where do I have to indicate that my DVD-ROM supports UDMA66? I assume that after saying "atacontrol mode 1 udma66 udma66", the settings are going to be vanished the next reboot.

Add the following to /boot/loader.conf:


Reboot. Check dmesg.

Why to this file and not to /etc/sysctl.conf? I have no monitor on that box, so I want to make sure it is more likely to work after the reboot. :-)

Third, why it does not want to set the DVD-ROM to UDMA66 (the device supports it, as well as my 80-pin cable, and motherboard):

See above and try that first.

But why does it sets it to UDMA33, but not to UDMA66?


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