Firstly, let me extend my utmost thanks for helping me these past few weeks, Mr. Lehey. Staring down the barrel of a Political Science major, your coding has made me rethink my decision to steer away from a Computer Science degree.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2003, at 10:04 PM, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

I'm going to need more information on this. It doesn't correspond at all with my experience. Here's an example: ...

I found my problem, I would obliterate a configuration and not saveconfig. It is my experience that resetconfig will obliterate only the configuration currently read into memory, and NOT clear the Vinum configuration written to Vinum disks - in my case da0 and da1. If I omitted saving the config after resetting, Vinum would read the previous configuration (after reboot) on the drives and start all over again. I have conquered this problem only to come to another perplexing Vinum problem.

On another box, again 4.8-RELEASE only with IDE instead of SCSI drives, I completed setup and began to mirror. Without thinking I tried to add plexes on an uninitialized drive and as such, Vinum read the new device name beta, but listed the drive in a state of referenced. I initialized the drive per Handbook instructions, copied the disklabel from ad0 to ad3 (drive beta) and tried again. After successfully starting each new plex, I saved the config, double checked the config written to both disks with dumpconfig, and rebooted. Upon reboot I was back to square one. I've replicated this three times now. Did you know it takes 2 hours two completely mirror a 69GB slice across two IDE drives? ;-)

What I find VERY interesting is that ad3, hence known to vinum as "beta", has the correct dumpconfig output: all plexes are "state up" and everything is kosher. Drive "alpha", aka ad0, has the incorrect original config where I accidently tried to create plexes on an uninitialized drive. All *.p1 plexes are "state faulty" on "alpha" and all the saveconfig's in the world don't seem to be changing this. I, of course, have diligently searched the mailing lists looking for anyone with a similar problem, only to find another guy who didn't initialize the second drive correctly but then promptly fixed it.

Why would the two drives have differing configurations? Why can I remove all the faulty plexes, subdisks, and the "referenced" state beta drive; re-add beta and create new plexes; start them; save the config; have everything run fine; only to lose it all after rebooting?

Once again I retreat to my reference box here next to me for more testing tomorrow.

2) why doesn't dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 seek=16 count=265 work?
What's in those 265 sectors that I can't touch?

The second sector on the disk is protected. You can't write to it. If you start at sector 2, it will work.

The Vinum label is at sector 8.  That's the only sector you need to
clear to manually obliterate a Vinum configuration.

Then the command should look something like: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 seek=18 count=263 ? Sector eight after the sixteen sector bootstrap, correct?

Again, my utmost thanks.

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