In the last episode (Oct 15), Marco Greene said:
> New to FreeBSD.  Have looked through the documentation at length and
> have figure almost everything out that I am trying to use but have a
> few questions.  Have been working with other versions of UNIX, mainly
> Solaris and AIX.  We have 4 servers running production using 4.2 and
> I have been testing the upgrade procedure that is documented.
> I have tried:
> cvsup...make buildworld...make installworld.  Took a long time but it
> seemed to work...however, when I rebooted, still said 4.2...I was
> expecting 4.8.  How can you confirm current version of FreeBSD. 
> Shouldn't it say 4.8?

You may have left out the make buildkernel / make installkernel step. 
You've got updated userland binaries, but the kernel is still 4.2.

        Dan Nelson
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