> I have tried:
> cvsup...make buildworld...make installworld.  Took a long 
> time but it seemed 
> to work...however, when I rebooted, still said 4.2...I was 
> expecting 4.8.  
> How can you confirm current version of FreeBSD.  Shouldn't it say 4.8?

Everyone here knows that I'm no expert on anything, but I bet you're not
using RELENG_4_8 in your cvsupfile.
Here's mine:

*default  host=cvsup11.FreeBSD.org
*default  base=/usr
*default  prefix=/usr
*default  release=cvs
*default  tag=RELENG_4_8
*default  delete use-rel-suffix

*default tag=.

> Now about patches...
> You don't seem to download patches the way you do for Solaris 
> or AIX.  It 
> looks like you have to do the cvsup...make buildworld and 
> make installworld 
> thing. This seems like a risky way to do patch installs.  Are there 
> pre-packaged binary patches available and if so what is the patching 
> mechanism that should be used.

If you'll subscribe to freebsd-announce (I think), you'll get
announcments of patches along with instructions on how to install them.
I could be wrong on the proper mailing list.  Check

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