Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Anthony Carmody <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Running FreeBSD 5.1 on an Intel D45PESV mainboard. [onboard sound AC97

Sounds fine.  It's a "technology preview" release, remember, but it
should be pretty solid for your purposes.

sure. and it's the 5th 5.1 machine i have built, just that i need this one as a workstation..

i have no sound and i cannot browse my network machines in
gnome. Everything seems to work just fine, just that i get an error
upon starting gnome [something about the mixer] and when i go to add a
network server i get nothing. I have noticed that logged in as 'root'
i can see them, just not connect.

i have no idea about testing sound outside of a GUI so i dont know
about it being Gnome related...

Okay.  These two problems are completely unrelated, and would be
easier to treat if you'd posted them as different messages.

For sound, please see the section in the FreeBSD handbook that talks
about the subject. http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/sound-setup.html

yep. i unpacked my handbook, made a really strong espresso and i have ~s~o~u~n~d~.

For "browsing" your network, it depends what you're talking about.
Different protocols tend to use different applications, and you didn't
even mention whether you're using Microsoft protocols or standard ones.

ok, my fileserver is a 5.1 machine [as is this one] running samba. i just want to be able to browse the folders in a similar fashion as windo$e. Gnome seems to have a function to add network servers, except that it dosent seem to work. in fact, it crashes. i'm thinking there must be something i have overlooked in my network setup.


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