(Posted to freebsd-isp on Tuesday, but got no responses)

Feel my pain :)

We have just begun a migration to NIS (please keep the "NIS sucks",
"Sendmail sucks", "FreeBSD sucks", "You suck", "I suck", etc posts to a
dull roar.)

In the last couple of days we have seen a lot of messages like the one
below appearing in /var/log/messages:

Oct 13 06:14:58 xxxxx ypserv[45883]: access to master.passwd.byname
denied -- client not privileged

This goes on for a number of minutes, and then fixes itself.

Obviously, the problem is that the NIS lookup request is coming from a
non-priveleged (> 1024) port, and ypserv won't honor it.  What's not so
obvious is why/how this is happening.

I'm suspecting it's Sendmail, since the frequency of the message
somewhat coincides with the rate of incoming mail on this box.  But I
can't seem to find any clues on the web or usenet confirming this.  Has
anyone seen this before, or know of a solution?

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