I as recently approached by a client of mine who is running (very happily so) 
a FreeBSD machine as a small-business server (using samba for file/print 
sharing, squid for proxy gateway, email, mySQL, and a few others). The 
machine more than services the 50 or so people using it, and maintains load 
averages usually less than 1.

They have recently bought into an application software which requires IBM's 
DB2 database back-end; it has been proposed that they install a second server 
running linux explicitly for the purpose of running IBM's DB2 for Linux. The 
key question now being....

Can someone run IBm's DB2 for Linux, on a FreeBSD box? If so, will it 
maintain stability even if at the loss of some performance versus running it 
on an actual Linux box? Does anyone have any experience with this, and/or has 
anyone out there tried this themselves yet? I have heard numerous success 
stories running Oracle for Linux under FreeBSD... but have thus far been 
unable to find anyone trying IBM DB2 with FreeBSD.

Any comments/suggestions/flames/etc greatly welcomed.

Nathan Vidican
Innovative Product Sales

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