Daniela wrote:

Hi there!

I found many interesting Linux programs on sourceforge.net and other sites, but they're not in the ports collection. So I thought I'll port some of these to FreeBSD. However, I'm still pretty new to FreeBSD and I never ported anything.

I can't even compile most of the programs on my system, and I'm almost sure it has to do with dependencies in 99% of all cases.
How do I find out what ports/programs it depends on? And yes, I have RTFM, but I still have no clue.


Good ? and one I'll take stab at, why not?

You've "RTFM"... is that the "Porter's Handbook"?

If so, good. I'm guessing the next step is "UTS,L"!


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

P.S.  Good luck with whatever it may be!  Looking
forward to it...

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