> I found many interesting Linux programs on sourceforge.net and other sites, 
> but they're not in the ports collection. So I thought I'll port some of these 
> to FreeBSD. However, I'm still pretty new to FreeBSD and I never ported 
> anything.
> I can't even compile most of the programs on my system, and I'm almost sure it 
> has to do with dependencies in 99% of all cases.
> How do I find out what ports/programs it depends on? And yes, I have RTFM, but 
> I still have no clue.

Additional to the suggestion from Charles and Kevin you should consider
the following:

Search the ports collection for a port that is similar to the one you want to
port (e.g. a GNU style autoconf package for GNOME 2). Copy that port's
directory and change it as necessary.

If you need help porting your favourite software to FreeBSD, then the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ml is the best place to ask.


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