Quoting Nathan Vidican <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Can someone run IBm's DB2 for Linux, on a FreeBSD box? If so, will it 
> maintain stability even if at the loss of some performance versus running it
> on an actual Linux box? Does anyone have any experience with this, and/or has
> anyone out there tried this themselves yet? I have heard numerous success 
> stories running Oracle for Linux under FreeBSD... but have thus far been 
> unable to find anyone trying IBM DB2 with FreeBSD.

While not completely related, I have been running DB2 at work for a test
database running on Gentoo Linux.  Since Gentoo is not an RPM based system (DB2
is only distributed as RPMs I believe) I had to install RPM, but after that,
this doc walked me through getting it installed:

So, the point being, is that DB2 *can* work on non-RPM systems.  For FreeBSD,
you'd need to install RPM:
$ whereis rpm
rpm: /usr/ports/archivers/rpm

..and try to follow some of the above instructions.  With the Linux capabilties
installed, I'd think it might work.  I'm still Goggling your query myself....

It looks like someone has successfully installed the DB2client on FreeBSD (they
installed on a Linux box, and moved the files over)

Also, this page seems to infer that it's been done, but the link to BSD Today
takes you to serverwatch.com, and I can't find the article there.

Here an IBM'r comments on the viability:

If I were you, I'd post this question to:


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