I have a Belkin 802.11g router (model F5D-7230-4) and my freebsd 4.7 server connected to it. Everything was working fine, but I moved and changed ISPs. I'm not aware of anything that has changed in the configuration on the server since I moved.

I have the router setup for DHCP and I'm having a heck of a time getting my server to obtain an IP "properly".

In /etc/rc.conf there is:


When I try:

/sbin/dhclient fxp0

it gets an actual IP address, but it keeps getting multiple IPs from the router over and over again. It tells me each IP address, subnet, gateway, etc as it gets them, but if I let it go on, it will keep getting them forever. (e.g it obtains,, and so on).

Looking at the DHCP client list on the router, shows indeed that these IPs have been assigned, but mysteriously the MAC addresses are all listed as "00:00:00:00:00:00".

After this infinite IP obtaining goes on for awhile, I do a hard break (CTRL+C) to end it. I do an "ifconfig" and it shows that is either has the first IP it obtained or the last one (it varies over the times I've repeated this). However, it really is not connected to the network at all, and i can't do anythign with the server.

I tried a google search on this without any luck.... anyone have any advice or tips?

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