On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 10:49:57AM +0100, Simon Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> Been reading an article around Sun's new Solaris tcp/ip stack:
> "Sun Microsystems' new Software Express program is alive and kicking with
> the company delivering a rewritten TCP/IP stack for Solaris that is meant to
> prepare customers for faster networking technology"
> "code-named Fire Engine - has 10 gigabit and 100 gigabit Ethernet networks
> in mind"
> >> http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/61/33440.html <<
> Just out of curiosity whets the maximum bandwidth/throughput the freebsd
> tcp/ip stack can handle or is designed to handle? (I know it'll depend on
> many factors such as firewalling (if enabled) and of course network
> cards/drivers, system load etc...) but as a basic figure?

4 years ago a team at Duke used FreeBSD with commodity hardware to
achieve the then-record of 1.147 Gb/s
(http://www.cs.duke.edu/ari/trapeze/gigabitip.html).  Other
performance data on that site indicates it was later raised to about
1.4 Gb/sec.  I don't know of more recent performance results, but I'd
expect significant gains since then due to hardware improvements.


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