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> On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 15:37:55 -0400, "Jesse Guardiani" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> said:
>> Jud wrote:
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>> > If you cvsup the ports tree, you can choose to install from either
>> > ports or packages.
>> Do you run a cvsuped ports tree? I used to run one last year, and I could
>> never install from a package because the ports tree was in a constant
>> state
>> of flux.
> I'm probably just being thick, but I'm not sure what cvsup-ing the ports
> has to do with availability/installability of packages.  What have you
> read in the Handbook or elsewhere that gives you the impression one would
> interfere with the other?

Maybe we're both being thick. :) I install my packages via portupgrade -NP,
which tends to rely on the port system, AFAIK.

What do you use? /stand/sysinstall?

>> What does your cvsup config file look like?
> It's just the ports-supfile copied from /usr/share/examples/cvsup.
>> How often do you run it?
> About once every week or two.

I used to run mine every night via cron, and I could never get a package
installed because one never existed on ftp.freebsd.org. I'm under the
impression that packages are only built/provided for release versions of

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