On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Lowell Gilbert wrote:

LG> > 1. I'd like to run termlog -u UID as soon as user with UID log in. How
LG> > should I do it?
LG> I don't think there are any great answers there.  The easy hack is to
LG> mess with login scripts, but that would be visible to the user (if
LG> they checked).

That's fine with me. If users know their actions are logged they may
reconsider twice any illegal activity on my box.

LG> For a fair amount of extra effort, you could hack it
LG> into login(1) itself.

I'm not that good with C programming.

LG> Those are problems specific to "termlog"; since I never heard of it
LG> until now, I don't know much, but on the first I would guess that it's
LG> not opening the "real" terminal line.

Port:   termlog-1.0.3
Path:   /usr/ports/security/termlog
Info:   Monitor or log multiple system terminals synchronously (real-time)

This utility is monitoring and logging multiple system ttys. I've decided
to use it becaus it looked like this it what I was looking for. But it
isn't working right or maybe I can't make it work.

LG> > Maybe there is a better way to log users activity?
LG> Did you look at the watch(8) utility in the base system?

Yes, but only in interactive mode. I'll try to make it work automatically
as soon as users log in.

Greetz, Idaho
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