jxz wrote:


I'm considering upgrading from Linux to FreeBSD in my home machine. I
have some doubts concerning the ports collection:

Nice participle (gerund?) in that first sentence :-)

I would use the 4.8-RELEASE branch. The ports are stalled (just
security upgrades) or they continue to be updated with new versions of
the softwares?

What are the updates policies of the ports collections on the other
branches, where do I found more about it?


The ports tree is the ports tree ---- there's no branch.  It's
tagged -CURRENT in the CVS system, so if you're running
-STABLE, for example, you'd have to have seperate supfiles
for source and ports (but it's no problem, ready to configure
examples are all in /usr/share/examples/cvsup/).

My advice would be to install what you want from ports,
cvsup the new tree periodically (say monthly or so) and
use 'portupgrade' (from the ports tree) to keep the ports
up to date.

Dru Lavigne has a great article on portupgrade at


I'd also advise that if you do go this route, start
portupgrade within a couple of months after you
move to FBSD.  I waited over a year for one server,
and it took a while to get that one straightened out
when I finally got around to 'portupgrade' on it. :-(

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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