On 2003-10-18 11:43, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD Team,
> Can I recive place on people.freebsd.org to build my page about *bsd
> problems?
> Patrick Halczak

Hi Patrick,

The space on people.FreeBSD.org is reserved AFAIK for FreeBSD

Bearing that in mind, note that it's not that hard to become a FreeBSD
developer.  There's always a need for people who are eager to help with
the website of FreeBSD, the documentation, and existing problems/bugs.
You can find more information about ways you can contribute to FreeBSD
by reading the article "Contributing to FreeBSD", part of our
documentation set.  Just point your browser to:


Thank you for your interest in FreeBSD :-)

- Giorgos

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